My Betty Needs Your Help


Miss Betty has been my faithful companion for 3 years, she was 1 1/5 when we rescued her, and she has plenty of good years to come. Yesterday Betty underwent surgery to remove a mass behind here eye and sadly they had to remove here eye in order to remove the mass. She’s a remarkable pup, and she needs your help…

Over the last couple weeks this mass grew from nothing to become the size of her eye… Imagine, a socket made for one eye that is now housing two eyeball sized things. Oh the pain… After a slew of vet visits, x-rays, ultrasounds, an MRI, and finally a surgery to remove the mass, she’s accrued quite the vet tab. Since she doesn’t work and can’t type, it’s up to me to help her raise the funds to cover her expenses, which are nearing the $10,000 range. If you can, please donate to her… And I understand if you can’t, but if you could share this link or this blog post that you’re reading you would be doing Miss Betty, and me, a great service.

Thank you, and here’s a video that’ll help you get to know Betty ❤


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