mega love

The Infamous Mega Tanner T-Shirts + Other Awesomenesses

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Leave some love of your own below!

Thank you for listening/looking/loving, it all brings meaning to what I do!


10 Responses to mega love

  1. BL says:

    Mega Tanner is the BEST!!!!

  2. Jennnn says:

    One of the COOLEST people you’ll ever meet and has a voice that reaches into your soul 0_0
    (need to hear some Mega Tanner back on the radio ASAP)

  3. LRS says:

    MegaTanner is a wonderful DJ. He really connects with his listeners and gives us what we want, while still playing the required playlist. He makes listening to commercial radio fun (really!). I miss hearing him every day but love following him on Twitter!

  4. Alejandro Durazo says:

    We love you, Derric!!! Keep your head up!!!

  5. HuShLeY says:

    Amazing!! Everyone can relate with him. And besides being totally awesome at what he does, he is a great guy too!!

  6. Scott says:

    Megawho? AH, this guy plays the best music, and is funny as heck!

  7. Scott W says:

    Why would the world want a generic robo-DJ when they can have MEGA TANNER?!?

  8. Robin-SJ says:

    Tanner!!!!!! I miss all you guys on 92.3 and I was so happy to hear you over on that OTHER station, but now you’re gone and I miss you again! What can I do to help you get back on the radio? Short of actually hiring you cuz I don’t own a radio station…yet!

  9. Ethelbequi says:

    Ahh love mega plays best songs and I could listen forever! 💙❤️

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